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Global Fixed Income Markets Look Well-Supported by Macro Factors

By Advisor Perspectives
Capital Markets


Key takeaways

  • Invesco Fixed Income’s macro factor framework examines growth, inflation and financial conditions.
  • Until and unless we see a change in momentum in one of these three macro factors, fixed income markets should remain well-supported.
  • The “newsworthiness” of an event is not as important for markets as its impact on these three factors, in our view.

The current investing environment seems daunting. Markets have had a strong couple of years and valuations are tight. At the same time, risks abound. Geopolitical risks including North Korea, terrorism, Brexit and unpredictable politics in Europe and the US make for an uncomfortable investing environment. In such uncertain times, it is important to use an investing framework to help manage through the many risks in the markets, to remind us of the markets’ key driving forces and to help measure the impact of events or potential risks.

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Photo: Allan Ajifo

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