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Helios and Matheson Investors Are Loving the MoviePass ICO Talk

By BenZinga
Capital Markets, FinTech


Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc (NASDAQ: HMNY) management mentioned the magic word that sends stock soaring on Tuesday.

In an interview with Yahoo, Helios CEO Ted Farnsworth uttered the word “cryptocurrency,” which is all it takes these days to send stocks like Helios skyrocketing 25 percent.

When asked if Helios was considering an initial coin offering for MoviePass, Farnsworth and MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe chuckled.

“Sure,” Farnsworth said. “Absolutely. We look at all that stuff.”

Farnsworth said the company always has its ear to the ground for technology that can improve its customers’ experience, and that the company’s lawyers had been looking into the regulatory implications of a potential ICO.

“The exciting thing …

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