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Venture Capitalist Steve Jurvetson Quits Firm and Then Defends Himself Against Sexual Harassment Allegations

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The day after one of the most prominent venture capitalists in Silicon Valley quit his namesake firm, he defended himself on social media against allegations of sexual harassment.

Recode first reported that Steve Jurvetson had left Draper Fisher Jurvetson “by mutual agreement,” after an investigation was launched into sexual harassment claims made against him. While DFJ did not specify why Jurvetson had agreed to step down, sources told Recode that the firm’s “investigation uncovered behaviors by Jurvetson that were unacceptable related to a negative tone toward women entrepreneurs.”

On Tuesday, Jurvetson posted a statement on Facebook defending himself against the allegations, as Recode reports. In the post, Jurvetson claims that he did not leave because of the ongoing investigation into possible misconduct.

Per Recode:

“I left DFJ because of interpersonal dynamics with my partners,” he wrote. “It’s incredibly sad to see how things broke down, and the acrimony that arose between us.”

Jurvetson claimed his departure from DFJ was unrelated to the many allegations that have been leveled against him, including conduct issues. The 390-word Facebook post served as his most extensive public rebuttal to the variety of rumors swirling around Silicon Valley in recent weeks.

“It is excruciating to learn just how quickly, in one news cycle, people conclude that because I have left DFJ there must be some credence to vicious and wholly false allegations about sexual predation and workplace harassment,” he said. “Let me be perfectly clear: no such allegations are true.”

Jurvetson sits on the boards of Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies.

You can read Jurvetson’s full statement on Facebook here.

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