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Report: Hackers Stole Nearly 11-Million Drivers License Numbers in Equifax Hack

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The major security breach at Equifax that compromised sensitive information belonging to about 145.5 million consumers included the theft of roughly 10.9-million driver license numbers belonging to Americans, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

Equifax did not comment to the Journal about the report. The company did say on Tuesday “that a file containing 15.2 million U.K. consumer records was attacked during the company’s hack,” according to the Journal.

For the millions of people already alarmed about what information of theirs was comprised during the security breach, this latest news will only exacerbate that anxiety.

The disclosure of driver’s license information could give hackers even more information to use to try committing fraud. Although information varies by state, licenses typically include a person’s name, date of birth, home address and personal details such as height and eye color.

People who had given driver’s license information to Equifax were in many cases doing so as a way of verifying their identity with the company. This in some cases happened when consumers were using a webpage meant to resolve disputes about credit-report information.

In prepared testimony to the U.S. to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection,  Richard Smith, former chairman and chief executive of Equifax, blamed the failure of the company “to patch a particular vulnerability” in a software program that allowed hackers to access sensitive information.

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