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China’s 19th Party Congress: A New Cycle?

By Advisor Perspectives
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Considered the most important political event in China, the National Congress of the Communist Party, held once every five years, has the potential to reshape the political landscape of personnel, policy and institutions for the next decade.

The 19th Party Congress, set to begin on 18 October, could introduce even greater change: Depending on how much President Xi Jinping succeeds in further centralizing power, he could tackle China’s long-term challenges more decisively, signaling an end to 20 years of collective leadership and cautious rule by consensus.

What will happen at the 19th Party Congress?

When the Party Congress begins, General Secretary and President Xi will present a work report to about 2,300 Party Congress delegates – the top echelon of the 89-million-member Communist Party. The report will summarize the achievements and lessons of the past five years and lay out a grand vision for China over the next term (through 2022) and beyond. Group discussion led by the current top leaders will follow, designed to cement broad support for the plan.

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