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The Future of Small Bank M&A

By Benzinga
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The following was originally published on Banking On Profit.

As we head into New Year’s weekend, I find myself reading a lot of year in review and next year outlook material. I am a big fan of the overviews and outlooks but try to avoid those prognosticators making specific predictions they insist are actionable right now for the low, low cost of your retirement accounts. I find that by reading a bunch of the overviews, I can begin to develop a picture of potential developments and obstacles an industry or market my face in the New Year. I won’t act on them today, but being aware of what might happen allows me to have a game plan ready if the events do unfold.

I probably spend more time on banking and real estate outlooks than anything else. Of course, I also believe that if you understand what is going on in the banking sector and real estate markets of a given city, town, nation, or continent, you know everything you need to know about the economy of that locale.

Deloitte released their 2017 Banking and Securities Outlook this month, and there are some key takeaways for us as investors. The company thinks that the election may have brightened the outlook for banks and securities firms, but challenges still exist. Banks will face significant technology challenges in 2017 and will probably have to spend some money…

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